14 Tips on How to Stay Healthy While traveling the World

Finding out what to put on your travel bucket list has never been as easy as they are in this era of social media. It seems that people are inclined now to explore and travel the world, understand each country’s rich culture, and immerse in soul-searching adventures.

Watching photos on your phone or computer is not nearly as satisfying as being in these places itself. However, no matter how excited you are to go on your next thrilling trip, you must not forget the following tips on how to keep track of your health while traveling the world.

1. Plan it out

Going headfirst into your getaway destination is not really recommended. You need to have a plan. Pace out your activities accordingly to avoid dealing with unnecessary stress. Slow down; you’re not there just to snap a photo to post on Instagram. You’re there to live the moment.

2. Sleep as much as you can afford

Sleeping is harder when you are traveling across time zones and sleeping elsewhere is not nearly as satisfying as sleeping in your own bed at home, even if it’s a five-star hotel. Drinking a glass of milk before tuning in for the night could help you relax and fall asleep faster.

3. Walk whenever, wherever

Walking is the cheapest and the best form of exercise. When exploring cities and tourist spots, take time to walk whenever you can. Not only are you being given a full, unhurried opportunity to look around and appreciate the place, you are also giving your body a workout.

4. Relax

There is no better air than fresh air. Take time to appreciate nature. Stop, relax and breathe deeply while you’re at it. Not only are you doing your lungs a favor, you are also relieving your body of stress.

5. Do outdoor recreation

You can’t always go to the gym when you’re traveling. While others might recommend that you pack workout gear, it only adds weight to your luggage. Engage in recreational activities instead. Play basketball or volleyball with the locals or other tourists. It’s a fun way of getting fit and making friends.

6. Eat healthy foods

It is understandable that you want to try local foods. Bear in mind that people have different tolerance when it comes to new food. Take time to look at the sanitation of the place and how the food is being prepared. Also, avoid eating too much instant and canned foods.

7. Hydrate and detox

Too much walking, recreational activities, or even tanning sessions at the beach could make you dehydrated. Drink water and rehydrate yourself. You could also detoxify your body by adding cucumber or lemon in your water.

8. Cut your alcohol intake

You might get carried away, especially if you happen to stumble into a bar where alcoholic drinks are cheap. Remember that you are in a foreign place and it is unsafe and unwise to wander off drunk. Also, alcoholic drinks especially beer are packed with tons of calories.

9. Use Sanitizer

Handwashing facilities may not be available everywhere so slipping a hand sanitizer in your pocket is a nice alternative.

10. Take vitamins

Sometimes, it’s not possible to eat a well-balanced diet. Taking vitamin supplements could help fuel your body while traveling and supply you with nutrients you couldn’t get from your current diet.

11. Protect your skin

Minimize your exposure to harmful ultraviolet rays by applying sunscreen to your skin. Yes, you’re finally getting a natural tan, but skin cancer doesn’t care.

12. Bring emergency medicine

Bring emergency medicines with you wherever you go. You don’t know when you’ll be needing one so you might as well be prepared. You can keep them organized by securing them in a pill case for purse or travel use so that they won’t get mixed with your other personal items and to avoid the risk of contaminating them. It is also recommended to bring an identification card with you, especially if you are traveling solo.

13. First aid kit

Bring basic medical essentials in your first aid kit like gauze pads, disinfectants, and elastic bandages so that you have immediate resources just in case an unfortunate incident happens while you are on vacation.

14. Meditate

Being mentally, emotionally, and spiritually healthy are as important as being physically healthy. Engage in some meditation, learn travel yoga, or simply bring a journal with you and write down your thoughts. You might be surprised how much good it will do you.

It is important to enjoy your travels but happiness and health go hand in hand. You wouldn’t enjoy your stay if you spent a majority of it in a hospital ward, would you? Now apply these tips and plan your next tour!

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