Exercise During Early Pregnancy

Pregnant ladies are recommended to undergo a modified yoga routine from the third trimester of their pregnancy, or we can say from the sixth month of their pregnancy. Various other safe exercises are recommended to pregnant ladies.

Exercise During Early Pregnancy

Exercise during early pregnancy helps mothers in handling early birth situations well and also eases the birth discomfort. Even after delivery, women can attain fit body and desired body shape by performing best prenatal yoga in advance. It enhances the core strength of the body, which helps in keeping the body slimmer and in shape even after a drastic body change like pregnancy.

The postnatal phase of the pregnant lady is also very complicated. Exercise during early pregnancy can help in quicker and efficient recovery from associated problems and aches faced during pre and post pregnancy period.

Useful Yoga postures during pregnancy

Yoga is gaining popularity among the people throughout the world. It seems to create magical results without side effects.

  • Yoga helps a lot to relieve stress, control mood swings and relaxation of mind very essential for expecting mothers. Make sure to take good yoga lessons under instructors during pregnancy to avoid complications. Yoga must be done in airy atmosphere.
  • Yoga postures in restful situations are suggested during pregnancy for muscle toning and preparing the body to go through labor.
  • Chatarunga is a very useful posture. It is actually facing downward like a dog or a cobra.
  • Yoga called restorative yoga uses pillows, blankets or blocks to help be in certain postures to relieve the body takes extra stress for exercising.
  • Yoga postures like cat cow, butterfly stretch and side angle pose are recommended. Do not practice postures that lose your balance and make you fall.
  • Avoid postures that involve lying flat on the ground to maintain good blood circulation in the uterine region.

Whatever exercises or yoga postures you try, it is best suggested that you get professional recommendation from your health care provider before trying them. This will help you to know the right exercises that are meant for your body and will also avoid any risks involved.

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