Lose Weight By Cutting Sugar Intake

If you have a sweet tooth yet you want to lose weight, then you are well-advised to control your sweet cravings by undergoing a 21 day sugar detox. Studies have shown that eating less amounts of sugar is linked to weight loss while eating more is associated with weight gain, thus, the recommendation.

Indeed, shifting your mindset from diet restrictions to sugar restrictions will make a greater impact on your weight loss efforts. You can start with detoxifying your body of sugar and then stabilizing your blood sugar level.

Lose weightWhy Cut Your Sugar Intake

Keep in mind that blood sugar level refers to the amount of glucose sourced from the food and beverages eaten, which then circulate in your bloodstream. The glucose is either used to provide the body with energy immediately or stored in the cells for future use, thus, making it an important substance for good health.

But too much or too little of glucose can be bad for your physical and mental health, thus, the importance of undergoing a 21 day sugar detox and stabilizing blood sugar afterwards. It must be emphasized that a well-balanced sugar level is of crucial importance in several bodily functions including regulating hormones, burning stored fat, and increasing metabolic rate, all of which are critical for effective weight loss.

Think about it: Too much sugar and your body cannot break down stored fat, not to me mention store more fats. Too little sugar and your body can go into starvation mode, which means that it burns more lean muscle instead of stored fat.

How to Cut Your Sugar Intake

Of course, the sugar detoxification process requires determination and dedication, even great willpower, to complete especially when you have a sweet tooth. Sugar is just as addictive as tobacco, alcohol and drugs, not to mention just as destructive as these substances to your physical and mental health.

During the 21 day sugar detox, you will be faced with several challenges to cut your sugar intake. Your mind and body will initially, perhaps even strongly, rebel at the deprivation of sugar and the like so much so that you will likely experience withdrawal symptoms (e.g., intense cravings). You can, fortunately, overcome these challenges by keeping these tips in mind during the 21 day sugar detox process:

  • Choose healthier alternatives to sugar- and carbohydrate-laden food and beverages. For example, eat whole grain pasta instead of burgers for your snacks.
  • Eat smaller meals to ward off your sugar cravings. The human body is designed to eat every 3 hours lest it goes into starvation mode, which means it will pack in more fat and burn more lean muscle. Just be sure to eat small and healthy meals and snacks every three hours except when you are already sleeping.
  • Eat in threes. This means dividing your plate into 1/3 fats, 1/3 protein, and 1/3 healthy carbohydrates.
  • Avoid temptations during the first few days of the detox diet so as not to succumb to them.

Don’t wait until it’s too late for complications of too much sugar to set in. Start on the detox now!

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