Muscle Stimulator – Is It Helpful for Building Muscles and Abs?

Electrical muscle stimulator is a good therapeutic instrument used mainly in the physiotherapy treatments. It is used for rehabilitation purposes, to treat any muscle injuries and also it is used for pain relief. It is also successfully used in paralytic patients to bring back the normalcy of the muscles. There by it is used in the regeneration of the muscle.


What happens in the EMS?

There are four electrodes in a muscle stimulator. When these electrodes are placed on the body on the specific motor points, electric impulses are generated which cause muscular contractions to occur. There are intensity tabs which allow us to rise or reduce so that the contractions occur simultaneously stronger or less strong. The duration of the treatment depends upon the condition of the patient. Intensity varies with each patient depending upon their skin resistance.


It is widely used in 3 aspects in treatment part, training part and cosmetic part. Since decades the electric muscle stimulator has been used in the training of muscles for the athletes. It helps to increase the strength, power, endurance and increase the muscle tissue. In serious neural damages this is used to train the muscles to contract and relax.

What happens in Abs training exercise?

In an abs training program there are several exercises which help in the contraction and relaxation of the muscles for fixed duration of the time. This involves the work of a group of muscles with the abdominal muscles. Best results are obtained with the involvement of breath maintenance.

Exercise and Muscle stimulator:

The electrical muscle stimulator also helps to contract and relax the muscles where ever it is employed. This is the artificial generation of the muscular movements. With a muscle stimulator breath maintenance is not possible.

Muscle stimulator in building muscles and abs training:

When a muscle stimulator is given to a particular area the blood flow to the particular area is increased. There by the nutritional supply is increased and the waste toxic matter will be removed from the particular area. A feeling of freshness and lightness will be felt by the individual when such things happen. In this way it is almost similar to the tone up exercises.

Many people use this electric muscle stimulator for muscle building also. This is on a simple principle that when more and more nutrient is provided for a particular area definitely there is a protein mass build up in that area. So, electrical muscle stimulator does help in body building and abs training also. When these things are done with mild physical activities the results will be much better.


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