Regular Health Checkups Are Essential for Woman’s Health

Young women are often overconfident about their health and do not go for health checkups, unless they are extremely sick.

Many a times out of lack of time, lethargy or simply because they don’t take their health seriously, women don’t end up getting health checkups done. Young girls and women need to take special care of their bodies and maintain their health.

Moreover, woman’s care is proportional to that of her family. So health for working women as well as non working is equally important. Women  need to care for their health and take time out to go for regular health checkups.

Women need to have regular health checkups with their doctor, at least once every six months even if they are feeling fine. This will enable any woman’s health problems or risk for specific diseases to be detected early on. Five essential tests that should be included in these checkups are:

1- Cardio Risk Assessment:

This test calculates the risk of getting cardiac problems later on in life. Blood pressure, cholesterol levels and your weight will be checked as well as hereditary risk assessments. Tests include ECG and treadmill test.

2- Breast Examination:

Tests such as Mammography Ultrasound should be undertaken by women for indications of breast cancer. Mammography is the best tool doctors have of screening for breast cancer, and it’s better for women to have regular checkups especially after 35. Early diagnosis will improve prognosis and treatment choices.

3- Assess the health of the Cervix:

Tests such as Pap Smear test check the health of the cervix, lower part of the uterus opening into the vagina. It takes years for cervical cancer symptoms to be manifested and detected. But with Pap Smear tests changes in cells are detected early on and treated before they turn cancerous.

4- Check Anemia, Blood cell count and Hemoglobin Levels:

This is done through a complete blood test (CBC). Disturbances in the WBC count can lower resistance levels, while less RBC indicates anemia. High WBC count indicates some infection in the body.

5- Assess Thyroid levels:

Many women are unaware that they suffer from thyroid problems, which causes bloating of the body. There are cases of inverse thyroid as well where the patient remains thin. It will detect if you suffer from hyper or hypo thyroid functioning. This test is essential as thyroid gland affects the metabolic process of the body. Women who have just delivered should also take this test.

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