Top Arm Exercises for Women

Do you love wearing sleeveless shirts during summers but are embarrassed with your flabby arms? Then fret not! Check out some top arm exercises for women that tones and defines arms in a great way!

Moreover toned muscles will make you feel confident in front of others. So don’t think much and check out arm exercises for women written below in the article!

Shoulder presses:

If you are trying hard to improve the shape of your arms, then try shoulder press. This is a great arm exercise for women which not only target your shoulder region but also triceps. You can try shoulder press with weighted bar, resistance bands or with a set of dumbbells.

Lateral Raises:

Lateral Raises forms another type of top arm exercises for women which helps in building defined shoulders and leaner waist. This exercise isolates three shoulder muscles- front, side and back. It can be performed with set of dumbbells or resistance bands so you can try it out in both homes as well as in gym.

Triangle push-ups:

You would be glad to read that triangle push-ups firm your lower arm area and enhance your cleavage line in an easy way. This exercise is a variation of classic push-up. It emphasis on triceps muscles and gives slight burning sensation in the area once you start performing it.

This arm exercise for women should be performed with patience and progress at a comfortable rate which suits your body. Moreover keep your body flat while carrying out this arm exercise to prevent the chances of lower back pain in body.

Bicep curls:

Keep in mind that no arm workout can get complete unless you work on your bicep area. Bicep curls exercise when performed with dumbbell set or with exercise band provides you well toned biceps.

While performing these exercises, make sure that you lower the arms till they ouch thighs before reversing directions and bringing them back again. Perform this arm exercise for women twice a week 10-12 times to see big difference in your body.

Chair dips:

One of the best arm exercises for women is chair dips which strengthens back area of your arm. This exercise can be performed anywhere. For this, simply place your hands off the back of a chair, bench or table with feet on floor. Now lower yourself down until elbows reaches at 90 degrees.

So what are you thinking now? Just get yourself involved in these wonderful arm exercises for women to get toned, sleek arms.

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