Vitamin Supplements can Help Treat Different Diseases

Do you know that the vitamin supplement industry is gaining lot of popularity these days? Internet is providing number of great suggestions over vitamin supplements to prevent or cure all kinds of ailments. Explore this article that guides you over how vitamin supplements help in getting rid of various diseases!

Vitamins B2 and migraine

It has been proved that intake of vitamin B2 (riboflavin) supplements at 400 mg per day helps in reducing the chances of migraines in people by 50 percent.

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Vitamin B6 and pre-menstrual syndrome

Intake of 50 to 100 mg of vitamin B6 (pyridoxine) helps in getting rid of pre-menstrual syndrome symptoms in an effective way. Also it helps in fighting against heart ailments, depression, and asthma symptoms, cold and sores along with memory problems.

It should be noted that higher doses (above 200 mg) of this supplement should not be taken as it can cause tingling effects in hands and feet. It can also result into irreversible nerve damage.

Folic acid (vitamin B9) and stroke/ heart ailments

There is mixed evidence for and against the suggestion that intake of folic acid helps in reducing risk of heart ailments in body. Some evidences suggests that it lowers the chances of suffering from heart related ailments while others show that it can increase the risk of heart ailments.

Folic acid and neural tube defects

You would be amazed to know that intake of folic acid before conception and during pregnancy helps wonderfully in lowering down the risk of unborn child to suffer from neural tube defects, problems in brains, spinal cord and skull etc.

 Vitamin B12 and anemia

Taking vitamin B12 in injection form helps in curing pernicious anemia. This form of anemia occurs due to inability to absorb vitamin b12 from food items. It also helps in curing depression, nerve pain, stress, carpal tunnel, numbness and migraines. It improves mental alertness and can be used for treating Alzheimer disease.

Vitamin C and common cold

Tough there is no evidence that proves that high doses of vitamin C can reduce or prevent the occurrence of cold ailment but it can certainly help in  reducing length and severity of cold infection.

It also helps in treating diabetes, arthritis, heart ailments, scurvy, cancer, yeast infection, under eye circles. The intake of vitamin C supplements help in preventing fatigue, cataract and Parkinson’s disease, aging, wrinkles. However, high doses of vitamin C can lead to problems like indigestion, kidney stones and diarrhea.

Vitamin A: The intake of vitamin A supplements help in fighting against birth defects treats infections, wounds, ulcers. It improves dental health, vision and plays a great role in treatment of cancer.

Vitamin D: The intake of vitamin D supplements help in fighting against cold, rickets, cancer, back pain. It strengthens bones, reduces fall risks and aids in healing process.

Vitamin E: Taking vitamin E supplements helps in combating diabetes, heart diseases, cancer, fibrocystic breasts, muscle soreness, Parkinson’s disease and cataract formation.

Hope you got an idea how vitamin and supplements on our body and how these can affect positively in getting a better immune system. Many people prefer to take daily vitamins so that they can keep their body healthy, fit and fine. So if you have not started taking vitamins, start it and improve your health now.

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