What is Anxiety Disorder?

Actually, anxiety is a helpful reaction that makes one more alert, more focused in times of danger or stress. However, if the anxiety becomes excessive, irrational dread of everyday life, it becomes anxiety disorder.

The most unfortunate thing is that most people unaware the fact that they are suffering from such disorder. In order to deal with anxiety disorder, It is important to know the symptoms. Negative experiences and poor self image are the common Causes of Anxiety disorder. Sometimes, hereditary also plays a role.

Anxiety disorder

Symptoms of Anxiety Disorder

Anxiety disorder symptoms are classified into emotional symptoms and physical symptoms.

Person suffering from anxiety disorder sweat profusely and experience short of breath. He/she always anticipate the worst possible scenario. They get irritated for no apparent reason. Other common emotional symptoms include

Restlessness and unable to concentrate, trouble sleeping, becoming numb and mind going blank in front of strangers or a small gatherings. Increased heart rate, trembling, hot and cold flashes, head ache, nausea are some of the common physical symptoms of anxiety disorder.

Anxiety Disorder Treatment options

Behavioral therapy, medications and complementary treatments help to deal with anxiety disorder. Depending on the severity of the disorder treatment methods can be pursued.

Cognitive behavioral therapy focuses on gaining positive thoughts and to challenge the irrational and negative thoughts. Antidepressants and benzodiazepines are used in medications. Medication does not cure anxiety disorders but helps to keep them under control.

There are side effects like diazepam side effects as well. So, drug free alternative therapies are used to deal anxiety disorder. Relaxation techniques, meditations, yoga reduces the stress and helps to relieve the symptoms of anxiety disorder.  Exercise helps to relieve stress.

Relaxation techniques such as controlled breathing, meditation and other muscle relaxing techniques help to overcome anxiety symptoms.

Lifestyle changes help to relieve some of the annoying symptoms and help to deal with anxiety related problems. Having a lack of resource is the main reason for anxiety disorder. Healthy diet along with regular exercise and proper night sleep helps to re-enable your resource level. A proper mindset is very important to lead a sane lifestyle.

Balancing lifestyle will enable to get rid of anxiety disorder symptoms. Also take a look at adderall side effects.


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